MXR Carbon Copy, no tax on these emissions!

Analog Delay (Bucket Brigade Technology)

Here comes the bucket brigade

My first delay pedal was a BOSS DD-5.  Purchased a few years ago, I thought I’d never tire of it.  Eventually I found it lacked “character”, some of you may find this is an egotistical thing to say.  I did however find that it had some great options to play with at first, as well as through into the middle of a trippy jam.  But as focused more and more on writing, I found my self needing something with fewer tonal options.

The huge selling point on going with an anologue delay for me was the “imperfectness” of the delayed signal quality.  Having those harmonically saturated repeated notes may not an in your face effect, however it adds a type of body and character that my DD-5 was lacking.

Sonically, the Carbon Copy is wonderful, structurally sound.  It loses points on the metallic paint job, but that’s hardly a hinderance.  I find more often then not I end up just leaving it on with low level and feedback values to add a layer, and then just tweak the delay time to suit the particular piece.

The Carbon Copy and the Diamond compressor are two pedals that when plugged, or switched on and pretty much stay on until it’s time to say goodnight…and then they come to bed with me.

All in all a great pedal allbeit a tad expensive IMO.



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