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Project: An instrumental Giftmas

Posted in STOKED on November 24, 2009 by dcsmusic

Treble Clef

With this years Birth of Christ approaching rapidly, I’ve decided to write and record an instrumental ~2 min in length, featuring clarinet, steel-string acoustic, & nylon string acoustic guitar.  I may throw in a dash of percussion and bass guitar as well.  If only I had a keyboard/e. piano to through into the mix.  

The details of this project can’t be posted yet to maintain the element of surprise, but I will probablly make freely available for download the mp3 and charts, and perhaps an added bonus little goody.  So check back for updates!

The writing starts tonight =]

November 26 2009 Update:  The track is complete and synced to video!  Here it is on youtube 🙂