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Diamond CPR-1 Compressor

Posted in GAS with tags , , , , , , on January 5, 2010 by dcsmusic
Diamond CPR-01

Diamond CPR-01 Compressor

This was money well spent. 

My first stomp-box compressor was a BOSS CS-3, which from what I thought would do the trick, well it didn’t and in fact left a bad taste in my mouth about stompbox compressors for years afterwards.  My experience with the CS-3 was that no matter what setting I had the comp/sus/level/tone at a noise supressor would have been required to make the pedal useable.  This idea just didn’t sit well with me.  As I hear it, if you insert a pedal into your chain, you shouldn’t have to insert another to compensate for whatever the weakness of that first pedal was.

After doing a few tone mod’s to my amp, and still not having a rig that I was 100% happy with, I decided it was time to do some research.

I first thought about the Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone (A distortion+compressor stomp-box).  I found the concept interesting, and the compression (from sound clips only) sounded okay to me.  I don’t like bending over while playing to fiddle with knobs, unless the fiddling is making the actual sound (ie delay squelches etc,)  and I figured I’d constantly be adjusting the dirt knob while playing.

I happened to stumble across some demo videos over at (PGS) of the Diamond CPR-1 and I instantly had to go try one out for myself.  One thing I found rather attractive about the pedal is that Diamond is based out of Dartmouth, NS a neighbouring city.  This got me extremely excited.

So one day, I was at the local music shop (or money-vac as I like to call it,) trying out drum sticks, and picking up guitar strings, and I casually mentioned to the fellow behind the desk, if they ever had a CPR-1 in I’d like to try it.  He replied “I remember seeying one at some point,” went and fumbled through a drawer and voila, there it was, in all it’s yellow glory.

I was so excited I just bought it on the spot, and was not dissapointed in the least.  This is essentially an unwanted noise free compressor pedal (to my ears) and has extremely responsive controls, especially the tone control, which boosts and drops highs and lows depending on which way you turn it. ++

This pedal will be in my chain for a while.  And I will post some of my own demo clips when I get some time to do so.

Cheers in 2010 Everyone!  (or no one as the case may be)